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Being a bilingual understudy in Singapore has its difficulties, mainly when the child’s strongest language is English.

Shouldn’t something be said about talking, speaking, and writing in Mandarin?

Because of the English foundation that our children are strong in, that our children are continually submerged in, few parents understand that their children generally only achieve a pass in their elementary school Chinese compositions in comparison with their English composition. Naturally, this can be concerning because we do not want our child to give up learning another language.

Why do elementary school Chinese compositions appear to be more enthusiastic about composing compared to English composition?

Firstly, in general, a lot of children think in English and interpret it into Chinese language when they pen down their accounts. Sometimes, the accuracy of the information translated is lost in interpretation due to the lack of vocabulary.

Chinese composition

The absence of vocabulary can likewise be an issue as children battle to use the correct words to describe in a Chinese Composition. In addition, it must be upsetting & frustrating to children who are trying their best at Chinese composition yet yields little or no results.

How might we help our children to compose better Chinese compositions at school?

Keeping a diary

One of the fundamental issues in primary school Chinese composition composing is the thought process of our children’s minds. To help our children manage better, we must help them think in the language they are writing. Thinking in Chinese language yields a more successful progression of sentences when they put their thoughts into writing a story.

To encourage children, they should keep a diary that is written in Chinese language. For a child, they can start a journal using just Hanyu pinyin to begin since Hanyu pinyin concentrates on that level. Converse with your children about their manner of thinking in Chinese & interpreting it into their composition. When they gain certainty, they can advance to fundamental Chinese characters.

Utilize the keeping of a physcial diary to deal with the accuracy of their character strokes as they practice their Chinese composition. There is no rush to anticipate a full page of composing from your children at this stage. To urge Chinese composition writing to take off viably, we can start by keeping a daily diary of one to two sentences in Hanyu pinyin.

Does Chinese composition get harder as they progress in school?

As they move to Primary 2, where Chinese characters become the center, the diary is composed mostly of Hanyu pinyin supporting words that your child may not realize how to write yet.

At Lexue Learning Centre as a Chinese Tutor, Ms. Hu Mei recommends that diary composing at this age ought to be kept to the five whole sentences that start with these expressions, “I think,” “I believe,” “I learn,” “I know,” and “I like.” Utilizing these structures, you can urge your children to write in exceptionally straightforward sentences to advance in Chinese Language.

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Naturally, as your children move to the following level in Primary 3 and 4, their diary ought to be expanded. This will be by the desires for Chinese composition crafting necessities at school, where they ought to write 50 to 80 words. Keep working on connecting with your children in their diary composing by requesting that they incorporate more content like what they have learnt in school.

At this stage, penning their thoughts into words on their Chinese composition paper is a higher priority than being excessively worried about their language structure. We need to encourage children to engage recorded as a hard copy in Chinese, mainly if this is a perspective that they battle with at school.

In the essential years paving the way to Chinese PSLE, your children must utilize appropriate words, expressions, and sentences in their Chinese composition. Journaling can assist with building up this ability too. With the early introduction to diary composing at a young age, your children will be utilized to the thoroughness expected of them.

Help! I can’t compose a Chinese composition on my own.

  • How can we help our children on the battle of speaking in Chinese language? Firstly, we can learn with our children. Using interesting & fun books will help children learn Chinese language in a fun & enriching manner. It would help if you are not exceptional in Chinese as the main thing is to show good conduct for your children to learn from.
  • If we show our children that we are also trying to learn, this spurs them to press on as well. We can persuade our children to be little instructors and have them clarify the story, or words, to us. Indeed, even with the expanding trouble in their Chinese content, we can, in any case, utilize this technique to urge them to show us (and themselves) simultaneously.

Do you need more help in Chinese Learning?

Never dread – you can look at our Chinese Enrichment class, we also offer Chinese composition & Chinese Comprehension. You are encouraged to help your children to fill the gap in their homework as proficiently and extensively to their best ability. These projects can be the assistance that gives your children an additional lift towards Chinese Learning.

Our Chinese Enrichment classes will help children to strengthen Chinese syntax and structure, just as extend their insight into vocabulary. Above all, they will grow up with the capability to speak & enunciate better, the ability to explain what they needed to speak in Chinese language.


These are some tips to improve your writing skills in Chinese composition. Following these tips will ensure that your writing skills will improve and excel your studies in Chinese Language.

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