Chinese Enrichment Class versus Chinese Preschool: Which is a better decision?

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Many parents state that instructing their children Chinese is a significant barrier for them. While most parents are profoundly keen to the benefit of learning one’s Mother Tongue, incorporating it is somewhat more troublesome when parents are not sure of their children mastering Chinese Language.

In addition, children sense their parents’ aversion and absence of confirmation with regards to speaking Chinese. This prompts a higher possibility of the children being impervious to learning and communicating in Mandarin.

For such circumstances, this is where prepared educators who are ensured to train Chinese to preschoolers come in, as they can make learning Chinese fun and pleasant for them. Parents along these lines ordinarily think about two alternatives – Chinese enrichment classes or Chinese dreading preschool.

Chinese Enrichment Classes

Which decision is generally reasonable for you?

Read on as we compare the advantages & disadvantages of sending your children to Chinese inundation preschools and Chinese enrichment classes to grow an affection for learning Chinese in them.

Why pick Chinese inundation preschools for your children?

The ideal path for children to get another dialect like Mandarin is to utilize it frequently and consistently. Like a muscle, language must always be practiced with the end goal for it to be adaptable and smooth. This is another primary motivation behind why numerous parents are unsure about their capacity to instruct Chinese children. These days, innumerable families do not speak much Mandarin at home, and the children don’t get an occasion to speak their Mother Tongue flawlessly into home life.

This is where Chinese inundation preschools address the issues of parents who wish to place their children in a firm establishment in the Chinese language. With the language imbued into the educational plan, the children are presented to the characteristic utilization of Mandarin in their regular day to day existences, fabricating their self-assurance and jargon.

Chinese inundation preschools help children build up a cooperative relationship with the language, which is imperative to cultivate an adoration for Chinese and the way of life. Exercises are fun, intelligent, and comprehensive – gone are where Mandarin was educated in a ‘drill and executed’ style.

Children at Chinese inundation preschools learn Chinese in a characteristic, instinctive climate instead of methodically and from course books. All things considered, when children are intrigued, they know without acknowledging they are learning.

Moreover, Chinese submersion preschools give an all-adjusted encounter where English and Chinese work connected at the hip to set up your children not only for the afflictions of the grade school educational plan yet additionally for life as adequately bilingual individuals in a multilingual world.

If you are unsure if Chinese enrichment class will be sufficient to genuinely submerge your child in the everyday utilization of Chinese. In that situation, Chinese preschool might be the ideal decision for you and your family.

Discover how Chinese Enrichment Classes Can Help Your Preschooler Love Mandarin

Why choose Chinese enrichment classes for your children?

Chinese enrichment class for preschoolers are an incredible path for parents to work things out. Your child might have great help in school for Mother Tongue or wish to target explicit zones, such as conventional Chinese works of art like brush calligraphy. In such cases, Chinese enrichment classes can help expand what your children are now learning in school.

Chinese Enrichment Classes

Much like Chinese preschools, these classes plan to encourage an affection for learning and communicating in Mandarin for the children. Numerous Chinese Learning Centre use melodies and games to urge children to be participative and have a good time while simultaneously thriving and filling in their local language utilization.

Likewise, Chinese enrichment classes will have more modest class sizes that might be ideal for your children, that they will flourish in such Chinese enrichment classes. The mainstream Chinese enrichment classes may be very packed, and your child might not be able to secure a spot in the class due to overwhelming popularity especially during school holidays.

Nevertheless, regardless of the decision that you make, either sending your children to Chinese preschool or picking up Chinese enrichment classes, the main goal is to impart an affection of learning Chinese, to be able to speak & write in Mandarin.


The options are open for you to decide. At Lexue Learning Centre, we offer different Chinese enrichment classes & even Chinese composition, Chinese comprehension & we also emphasise on learning Chinese in a proper way especially for children who are about to take the Chinese PSLE. Contact us to find out more!

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